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Faraz Badar, a 26-year old Christian resident of Gujranwala, died in a Lahore hospital on 15 September. He succumbed to burn injuries that he received when unidentified attackers sprayed acid on him during the early hours of 5 September in Gujranwala. Faraz was brought to Meo Hospital in Lahore when his condition deteriorated.

The incident unfolded as Faraz was returning from his workplace. He was on his way home, when he was intercepted by two men riding a motorcycle. His entire body was burnt.

The attack appears a result of religion-based dislike. Social media reports claim that the attack comes as a result of extreme emotional hatred due to his Christian faith. It is being speculated that he was disliked, because his colleagues did not like being working under the authority of a Christian.

Badar Masih, Faraz’s father said that, “Faraz was a young graduate and serving as Assistant Admin Officer in a local hospital for about two years. On 5th September at around 2am, when he was going home from the hospital, some unknown assailants sprayed acid upon him.” This is not the first time Faraz has been attacked.

Masih continued, “A few months back, Faraz was beaten by some men who were covering their faces. However, we did not report it to the police, as Christians are often not heard in police stations.”

Faraz’s mother shared that “Faraz often complained that some of his Muslim staff members were unhappy with his excellent performance and they disliked Faraz for his honesty and Christian background.” While she admitted that they had no evidence of the allegations, it is not an uncommon occurrence.

While reflecting on her son’s life, Faraz’s mother added “My son was running my kitchen. He was very gentle to everyone in the vicinity. He had no enmity. He was an active member of the church. However, he was usually not given a day off to go to church for Sunday prayer service.”

Masih claimed, “My son was targeted for his Christian faith. I don’t think we, the Christians, are safe in Pakistan. However, it is our country and we love it with our soul and spirit. We won’t seek refuge.”

“We [still] want justice from the government,” pleaded the mother.

Sources: International Christian Concern, Christians in Pakistan

  • Ask the Lord to comfort the family of Faraz Badar as they come to terms with this tragedy.
  • Pray they will be filled with a peace that passes all understanding and a joy that comes from knowing they will see Faraz again at the coming of the Lord Jesus.
  • Pray for justice for this family. Commit to the Lord the perpetrators.