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Two Chinese students, whom the Pakistani government accused of “preaching,” were kidnapped and killed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) in May.

Chinese nationals, Li Xinheng and Lu Ling Lina lived in Quetta, Pakistan, where they were studying at a local language school with the intent of becoming teachers.

On 24 May, their vehicle was stopped by men dressed as police officers. Li Xinheng and Lu Ling Lina were pulled from their vehicle and forced into another vehicle, while a third Chinese student managed to escape. A local man who tried to help the students was shot in the foot.

The Pakistani military responded by raiding the militants’ hideout and killing 12 ISIS fighters, but the two Chinese hostages were already dead. Other foreigners living in Pakistan are understandably concerned.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Please pray for the families of the Chinese students who were killed, may the Lord minister to them in
    their grief.
  • Pray for the 11 other Chinese students who have been sent home as a result of this incident. Pray they will be granted the Lord’s guidance.
  • Pray for foreigners and locals in danger of being targeted. Ask for the Lord’s protection and deliverance.