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A Pakistani Bible school student was arrested and detained for a day after giving Christian literature to a Muslim man who had asked for it.

Samir was in the market with a friend when a Muslim shop owner asked for a set of his Christian books, after Samir gave them to him, the shop owner called police.

Police then questioned Samir and his friend, confiscating their literature, money and phones before taking them to the police station.

The two Christians were locked in an interrogation room for nearly 12 hours, until being released by a higher-ranking officer who said he respected Christians.

While in detention, the men prayed and recited as many Bible verses as they could remember. Both men continue to share the Gospel with Muslims today, and Samir said the experience has made them even bolder.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for the courage and faithfulness of Samir and his friend. Pray they may be filled with joy as they see the Holy Spirit at work as they continue to share the Gospel with Muslims.
  • Ask the Lord to give Christians in Pakistan a willingness to make the most of every opportunity to share their faith, even though it may be dangerous to do so.
  • Ask the Lord to make the witness of His children powerful. Pray many will be drawn to Him, including those in authority.