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Badil, a ten-year-old Christian Pakistani boy, was working at a factory to care for his mother and two brothers, was raped and tortured by his Muslim employers before he finally died on 10 July.

His employers, Mohammed Akram and Irfan, were arrested in Sargodha after being charged with his murder on 14 July in Rasheedabad, Faisalabad.

Badil’s father is a drug addict who drained the family financially trying to feed his addiction. His mother, Sharifa Bibi, works as a maid earning only 3500 Pak rupees every month ($32). Badil, being the eldest of three children, recognised the hardship at home and decided to leave the Presbyterian school he attended, and find a job. He worked for Mr Akram, at a scrap metal dealership for 100 rupees a day – less than one dollar. He had only worked for Mr Akram for ten days before the incident happened.

The work requirements were difficult for a ten-year-old boy. He was required to work from 9am to around 7pm. Two days before the murder, he came home extremely late with only half of what he should have been paid. His mother instructed him to stop going to work because he was being cheated, but he persisted, knowing that his meagre income could help the family.

On the morning of the incident, he went to work with his brother, Moon, who was willing to assist him with some of his tasks. By the end of the day, Badil informed his employers that he would not be coming to work the next day because he was not being paid well. According to Moon, Badil was beaten up by Akram and Irfan for saying he was no longer coming to work.

His almost lifeless body was left at his house and when his mother Sharifa saw him that evening, he was still alive. He passed away at the Intensive Care Unit at dawn.

Pakistani Christians face difficulty, discrimination and persecution because of their Christian identity. They are frequently disadvantaged, trapped in a cycle of poor education and poverty.

Sources: International Christian Concern, Pakistani Christian Post, The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Ask the Lord for justice for Badil and his family. Pray the outrage over the tragedy will be heard at all levels of society.
  • Pray Badil’s family will find comfort in knowing that they will one day be reunited with Him. Ask the Lord to help Moon to overcome the grief and shock of this loss.
  • Ask the Lord to use this case to bring change to the way minorities and the disadvantaged are often treated in Pakistan.

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