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Churches in Brunei must be registered and are heavily monitored; for this reason there has been considerable growth in secret, house churches.

Pastor Ahmad oversees a number of these house churches, which he says can operate in relative freedom – albeit with much caution – to minister and encourage the body of Christ. Unfortunately, house churches are shunned by registered churches.

He told us, “We do not let strangers into our church for fear of them being spies. The Muslim government is strict on non-Islamic gatherings and spies are everywhere.”

The handsome reward for informing on believers encourages people to become spies. The reward can be a house, car, secure job or promotion. Sadly, the temptation of the reward can be too much for even some Christian believers. Pastor Ahmad told us that some of his own church members have become informers, due to their desperate circumstances.

When asked what the Western church can do to help, Pastor Ahmad said, “The Western church can help us by praying for unity in the churches in Brunei. As a unified church we can effectively support believers during this dangerous time of authorities trying to eradicate Christianity.”

Please pray for our persecuted brethren in Brunei.

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