Pastor Cau: Vietnam

How many Bibles do you have at home?
When Pastor Cau started his ministry in 1998, not one person in his church owned a Bible. He was only 19 years old.

Pastor Cau knew that the Word of God was a treasure more precious than gold, so he used his life savings to buy Hmong Bibles for every person in his church.

It’s against the law for Christians from the Hmong tribal group in Vietnam to have a Bible in their own language. But Pastor Cau risked everything so that his brothers and sisters in Christ could have the words of eternal life (John 6:68).

He travelled over 1,000km to buy the Bibles. It was a long, difficult journey. But when he picked them up, he was full of joy.

As he travelled back to his village he was arrested by the police. They confiscated all of his Bibles!

Pastor Cau had given up everything to buy these Bibles and now they were being taken away from him. It would be easy to give up after this, but he and his wife continued to trust the Lord and serve Him wholeheartedly.

Arrested, Interrogated, Tortured for Christ
Pastor Cau is now 36 years old. In his 15 years of ministry, his church has grown from 20 people to 230. He has planted nine new churches and is committed to training young leaders in these new congregations.

He has also been arrested 14 times.

In May 2010, he was transporting more Bibles for Hmong believers when he was stopped by the police. They confiscated the Bibles and kept him in prison for three days.

During this imprisonment, Pastor Cau was interrogated by the police. They tied each of his arms with two ropes, one around each wrist and another around each bicep. Then they stretched his arms out until it felt like they were being torn out of his shoulder sockets.

He was tied up like this for 12 hours as the police questioned him.

“Where did you get these Bibles from!? Who are you working with?” they demanded

The police threatened to cut one of his ears off if he did not answer their questions. Pastor Cau refused to tell them as he did not want to endanger the life of his co-workers. Thankfully they did not cut his ear off.

Pastor Cau told us, “I have faced the police so many times. But one thing I know: God will protect me.”

Persecution is a normal part of his life and ministry. Yet nothing can stop Pastor Cau serving Christ and sharing the Gospel.

We Need More Bibles!
When we asked Pastor Cau what he needs, he immediately replied, “We need more Bibles!”

This is the cry of every Hmong pastor we work with in North Vietnam. Today, most Hmong believers have their own Bible. But the church is growing rapidly and many more Bibles are needed for new believers.

Hmong pastors like Cau are leading many people to the Lord and they long for each person to have the Word of God so they can continue to grow in their faith.

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