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Esther’s faith was transformed after her parents’ arrest and imprisonment in China, now many years on, she shares the Gospel with Chinese students in Los Angeles.

Esther’s father, Yang Xuan, and mother, Yang Caizhen, were imprisoned in 2009 when their 50,000-member house church network, Linfen, drew the fury of the communist government.

Linfen Church is considered to be ‘illegal’ in China as it is not registered with the communist, state-run, Three Self Patriotic Movement. Nevertheless, until raids occurred, the church ran with freedom and zeal growing in numbers daily.

After a large outdoor revival meeting in 2009 gathered the attention of government officials, Linfen churches were raided throughout China and many leaders in the church were arrested and sentenced to prison.

Among the arrests were Esther’s parents. Though her father and mother spent 41 months and 14 months, respectively, in prison, their imprisonment deepened Esther’s own faith, which she once described as “nominal”.

“I had this faith before, but I found it is meaningful for me just recently”, she said

Today, Esther and her husband minister full-time to Chinese students in Los Angeles and after their release, her parents continued to serve the Lord at the Linfen Church in Shanxi province.

We first told Esther’s story in June 2010; this is the most recent update.

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