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Mohammed is a former drug addict who came to know Christ four years ago. Now he is a bold evangelist in Iran, sharing the Gospel with everyone he meets. God is using evangelists like Mohammed to grow the church in Iran despite persecution.

Mohammed* says that more than 1000 people have knelt with him in prayer and committed their lives to Christ. Such prolific sowing of Gospel seeds in Islamic Iran means you will face persecution. But persecution often provides opportunities to plant more seeds.

In Prison for Jesus

Mohammed was evangelising at a beach when he was arrested by police. ‘When they arrested me … I just knew that God was sending me to a place to witness,’ he said. ‘So I didn’t fight [or argue] so they would take me to the jail.

‘They took me to jail, and I saw two people who were bound because their crimes were very serious. When I came to those people I told them, ‘God has sent me to save you.’ By faith I believe that those who are around me God has sent for me to share the Gospel. So I shared the Gospel very briefly, just about 15 minutes, and they … received Christ.

‘I only had those 15 minutes to share the Gospel because immediately after I shared the Gospel the police came and said, ‘You have been very good and you shouldn’t be here. You were very kind to us, and we want to release you.’

‘They opened the door and said I could go. When they opened the door to release me, I hugged those two criminals and they were crying and hugging me really hard. So the warden of the police was like, ‘You have only known these people for 15 minutes and they act like you are family.”

Opportunity in Persecution

Where many would see only danger and suffering, God has given Mohammed the eyes to see opportunity for the Gospel.

The Iranian government’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and the unpredictable actions of the country’s leaders cause Western governments to view Iran as one of the world’s greatest threats. Yet the church in Iran is growing at an astounding rate!

The Gospel is being proclaimed all over Iran via satellite TV, in Internet chat rooms and through brave converts witnessing to their families and friends.

‘I am serving God now and I will serve God until the day I die,’ Mohammed said. ‘I know He has a great plan for me and He will take me step by step towards His plan for my life.’

Please pray for Mohammed and other persecuted Christians in Iran.

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*Not his real name.