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With the help of our supporters Voice of the Martyrs has been supporting the family of a martyred pastor.

Pastor Feliciano and his 24-year-old son Darwin were killed in 2015 as they were bathing in the Culaman River in southern Philippines, the same river where they had previously conducted baptisms. The insurgents of the New People’s Army (NPA), the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, are believed to be responsible for the deaths.

Pastor Feliciano is survived by his wife Carmelita and six children. Recently we set up a project that will allow the family to support themselves long-term. A small farm including shelters and feed for five goats, four pigs and six chickens will help supply their daily needs. It will also allow the four school aged children, Mariane, Mary, Feliciano and Martan, to attend school. There is a total of six surviving children.

Our contact in the Philippines reports that Carmelita and the children were so thankful and happy for the help given.