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Members of the Taliban are in search of people who have worked with the previous government, as well as those who profess the Christian faith.

Apostacy is a crime punishable by death under Shariah law. Christians are at extreme risk of being targeted with deadly violence.

Source: VOM contacts

Prayer is our most powerful weapon in this physical and spiritual battle. Pray for the underground church and the VOM contacts who are providing the believers with daily necessities. Pray for their protection, for spiritual strength and enrichment. Pray too for their persecutors.

    • Yamin is a Christian Hazara judge. During her work for the government, she presided over cases against Taliban members, and many were sent to prison. She has received death threats. Her parent’s house has been taken over by the Taliban and they are searching for her. Yasmin and her parents are in hiding.
    • The Marwands are a Christian family whose father is a human rights lawyer. The family has two sons and one daughter. One son has left Afghanistan for the West. Their other son worked as a linguist for the US and fears for the safety of his family. His sister and brother-in-law also worked with the US as contractors.
    • Jante is a Christian and a writer. She is an advocate for women and Hazaras. Her writing features criticism of the Taliban and their crimes. She is now in hiding.
    • Ako is a known Christian Afghan who worked as an engineering contractor for the US. The Taliban is seeking to find and kill Ako and his family for being Christian and for collaborating with US forces.
    • Hamed was the founder of an NGO that employed fellow Christian Hazaras. The organisation helped to oversee projects for the Western governments for 20 years. When the Taliban took over, they ransacked the organisation’s office and stole the money on hand. They are searching for Hamed and his employees.
    • Teresa’s husband is missing, it’s been more than six years without a word. It is not safe for her and her teenage daughter to remain in Afghanistan. They fear they will be forcibly married to Taliban soldiers. They are now in hiding.
      *Names have been changed