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The global pandemic has not stopped Muslim militants from continuing their attacks on Christian villages in northern Nigeria. VOM workers have documented attacks on 15 cities in Plateau and Kaduna states since January.

As attacks on Christians continue in northern Nigeria, let us pray together for our family members there.

O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before the killing and suffering in Nigeria ends? How many more of our brothers and sisters will lose their lives for the sake of Your great name?

Father, may their witness be vibrant, as a lamp set on a hill. May their lives and actions demonstrate Your goodness. Give them hearts for reconciliation and forgiveness instead of revenge.

Heal the broken-hearted. Comfort the mourning. Bind up the wounded. Be a father to the fatherless.

Let our brothers and sisters know the love of Christ that surpasses all knowledge, that they may be filled with all the fullness of You. May they be rooted and established in Your love.

Oh Lord, empower those who minister in the most difficult areas with new strength. Refresh their spirits and fill their cups to overflowing. May the Gospel of Your peace that they share bring peace to this place of turmoil.

As You are able to soften the hardest of hearts, work in the hearts of every Islamist leader and fighter in northern Nigeria. Impress them with Your love so that they, too, will long to know You and serve Your Son.

May Your kingdom come in Nigeria. Amen.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

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