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Prominent house church leader Yang Hua (41) has been in detention since December 2015, however due to the lack of care, he has become critically ill. His wife Wang Hongwu has written this open letter.

“Dear friends
Thank you for your concern and prayers from all over the world, given to us at a time when Huoshi Church, Guiyang, is experiencing such a shock, with pastors and church members detained and beaten and our meeting place closed.

My husband, Pastor Yang Hua, was first arrested in December 2015.

I personally saw him as he was being transferred to Nanming detention centre, wearing a black hood.

He was formally arrested on charges of ‘divulging state secrets’ in January 2016 and sentenced to two and half years in jail in January 2017.

Yang Hua is not in good health. He has high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure. He also has a form of inflammatory arthritis and inflammation of the intestine. He has inflammation of the eye, mouth ulcers, neck pain, back pain and chills.

All this makes me worried about my husband’s health, and I hope the Lord’s grace will lift him up, care for him, and enable him to face the time in prison.

May the Lord’s love in this dark, perverse, unjust world manifest in this wonderful way, and may we witness it. Ask the Lord to bless all Christians.” – Wang Hongwu

Write to Pastor Yang Hua and other prisoners

For a current update regarding Pastor Yang Hua, go to You can also write and send a letter to any one of the prisoners listed in their own language by using this website which has been specifically created by VOM for this purpose. A letter of encouragement will be a great comfort to them.