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The first request of persecuted Christians is always, “Please pray for us!”

Your prayers can have a powerful impact in the lives of persecuted Christians.

Make prayer for the persecuted church a regular part of your personal prayer life. Speak up for persecuted Christians and encourage your church to commit to pray for the persecuted church.



  • Pray for energy for discipling new believers where there is rapid growth
  • Pray for healing for believers who have been tortured
  • Pray for translation projects aimed at equipping believers for ministry
  • Pray that house arrest and constant surveillance will not stop Christians from meeting
  • Pray for Clear Bible teaching to help uneducated Christians to grow
  • Pray for Gospel impact among the wealthy and influential as well as tribal people



Pray for the Persecuted Church
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Prayer Meetings
Join other Christians near you in prayer for our persecuted family  View Meetings

How to Pray for Persecuted Christians
Verses from the Bible to inspire prayer for persecuted Christians Download PDF

International Day of Prayer
Join Christians worldwide in a special day of prayer for persecuted Christians. This is held on the second Sunday of November each year. Free resources will be available closer to the date.
Read prayer requests from around the world and post your own prayers for persecuted Christians  Read More

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