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Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country Sunday after Taliban fighters entered Kabul, the nation’s capital, demanding a transfer of power.

The insurgents were directed to refrain from violence and offer safe passage to anyone wishing to leave the capital.

“No one’s life, property, and dignity will

Sources: CBN news, International Christian Concern

be harmed and the lives of the citizens of Kabul will not be at risk,” the group said in a statement also warning that no one should enter the area around the capital.

In just over a week, fighters have taken over nearly all of Afghanistan as thousands of people have fled the war-torn country.

A duty officer with the Defense Press Operations confirmed that roughly 3,000 American troops were heading to Kabul on Saturday to assist with the evacuation of US civilian personnel.

Afghanistan’s Christians are already mostly underground. The country has only one Catholic church, tucked away in the Italian embassy, and even that closed in response to the pandemic. The 2004 constitution of Afghanistan severely limits religious freedom, forbidding the open preaching of the Gospel and restricting conversion to Christianity.

Rescue Mission for Christians Leaving Afghanistan