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Classic Richard Wurmbrand DVD Set

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No Other God – “You shall have no other Gods before Me.”
A Classic Wurmbrand message that Pastor Wurmbrand preached. In this video he discusses the five essences of the Bible and how all things become beautiful when seen through Jesus.

Overcoming Your Doubts – Pastor Richard Wurmbrand preaches at St Albans (the site of the first English martyr). He speaks of the hidden man inside each of us and explores the questions: Who is God? And what right does He have to demand our love and obedience? Talking from personal experience and using examples from the persecuted church, Pastor Wurmbrand brings us to an understanding that all people have doubt but some have overcome through Jesus Christ.

The Beauty of Nothing – Preaching in Brisbane in 1981, Pastor Wurmbrand shares some of his prison experiences and the intimate relationship of the prisoner with Christ. Hear his moving account of Holy Communion being taken with nothing in an underground communist prison.

The Faces of God – Pastor Wurmbrand discusses the many faces of God and His children. He shares unique testimonies from the underground church and teaches spiritual lessons learned in the school of suffering.


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