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Last year, Voice of the Martyrs with the help of our supporters, funded the printing and distribution of 11,000 Right Choices Bibles to new Christians throughout Egypt.

The Right Choices Bible (RCB) was originally written by Josh McDowell for younger children but with permission, Eagles Group rewrote the text for older children, making it suitable for the whole family.

More than 10,000 Egyptian Muslim background believers in Cairo, Alexandria and El Minya received the RCB as well as 1,000 Sudanese refugee families. It was also taken to villages in Upper Egypt where Christians are persecuted and struggle to find Christian resources.

The book contains 63 stories that tell the Redemption story from the fall to the return of Christ, giving a complete picture of the bible to new believers. The book also gives parents an opportunity to discuss biblical truth with their children and an opening for readers to respond to salvation in Christ.

The project will continue in 2020 with the goal of printing and distributing 20,000 bibles.

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