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In 2019, Voice of the Martyrs, together with our supporters, funded Bibles Plus packs, including distribution to remote areas of the Philippines and India.

Believers living in Mindanao, Philippines face severe persecution and have limited access to Christian resources, especially those living in rural, mountainous areas.

Bibles Plus packs were distributed in remote areas of the Caraga region, giving hope to persecuted believers and building their faith in God.

The distribution was coordinated by church leaders in the area. A four-wheel drive was provided so the distribution team could include those living in areas where travel is difficult, and towns are hard to reach.

The Bibles Plus packs included a mat, bed sheet, noodles, sugar, coffee, rice, a copy of Tortured for Christ and a Bible. The items were received warmly received and the recipients – which included pastors – were grateful and very much encouraged in their faith and ministry.

In the remote areas of Kandhamal, India, believers are currently experiencing harsh persecution, including displacement.

Bibles Plus packs were distributed from seven different churches in remote areas of this region. Over 800 packs were handed out with many recipients receiving their very first Bible.

The packs included a 25kg bag of rice, pulse seeds and flour for each family. In addition, each individual received their own Bible, a mattress, a blanket and a cake of soap.

Coming from remote areas with little means of communication, many of the families travelled as far as 60kms one way and some walked several kilometres to arrive at the distribution points.

It only costs $30 to ensure a persecuted believer receives a Bible in their local language, ‘plus’ other basic essentials, specifically tailored to their country.

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