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Bibles Plus distribution continues in the Philippines, with packs being distributed in four villages.

Our distribution partner reports that the road into the area was mountainous, rough, narrow and muddy. They persevered despite damage to their truck, above the front wheel.

The area has been infiltrated by the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA). The group has been officially declared a terrorist organisation by the government. One of the villages had been recently attacked by the group, with four villagers being killed.

Please pray for a pastor in this area who is under threat by this terrorist group. He is being asked to pay a revolutionary tax (a major form of funding for violent non-state actors such as guerrilla and terrorist organisations).

The four-day distribution was, according to our partner, victorious and successful despite the risk. He says Bibles Plus is a great blessing to persecuted Christians. He thanks us for our prayers, saying the Lord was with the distribution team.