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Recently, with the help of our supporters, Voice of the Martyrs has supported several pastors in Brunei.

Our contact in Brunei reports:
Pastor Y, a Christian leader in Brunei and former prisoner of faith, currently leads 13 house churches. With the funds supplied by VOM, Pastor Y has been able to hire a full-time administration worker. Having a worker assist with administration duties allows Pastor Y to focus on discipleship and evangelism.

Brother U is a former police officer and has experienced persecution in his working life. His salary was cut by more than 70% after it was discovered he was a Christian, later he was ordered to arrest his own family for putting up Christmas decorations at their house. Now retired, Brother U and his wife work in ministry including evangelism in rural areas and support of widows and orphans. With the funds supplied by VOM, Brother U was able to purchase a car to help in his ministry, including the distribution of VOM supplied Bibles. He was also able to purchase ducklings and building materials to start a duck farm, allowing him the means to support his family long term.

Pastor A was forced to retire from the police special branch due to his faith in Christ and active service to the Lord. Pastor A leads two house churches, one being across a river from his house. With the funds supplied by VOM, Pastor A was able to replace the church’s old boat, with a more reliable, larger one. The boat allows Pastor A to: ferry more members to church; evangelise and deliver VOM supplied Bibles to people who live along the river; evangelise local villagers as he ferries them around and for emergency transport in times of flood. The funds Pastor A received will also allow him to support himself and his daughter for the foreseeable future.

Please pray for these pastors as they minister in a country that is ruled by a version of Sharia law, in which Christians make up only 9% of the population.

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