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Brunei is a Muslim-majority nation under the rule of a dynastic sultan and Islamic Sharia law.

There are approximately 20 churches in Brunei and few opportunities for Bruneians to hear the Gospel. Bibles are not sold in bookshops and the penalty for evangelising Muslims is a $15,000 fine or up to five years in prison. The urgent need for the Gospel means that equipping believers who are willing to share it is a top priority.


In 2020, Voice of the Martyrs provided much needed Biblical resources to believers and seekers in Brunei. A summary of the field report is below:

  • Books were distributed to 30 pastors and leaders; among the 250 books were youth Bibles, study Bibles, Bible commentaries and children’s books.
  • The commentaries and study Bibles helped provide clarity and confidence to the leaders who share God’s Word.
  • The Bibles, which were distributed by the leaders, resulted in revival and growth among the youth. Children who once focused on video games now find their delight in God’s Word. Those who have battled with unforgiveness are now able to extend forgiveness. Believers are expressing that they want God’s will to be done in their lives and a sense of increased unity has emerged among the body of Christ.

We have received several positive testimonies from the recipients of these resources. One recipient of a Bible expressed their gratitude:

“Thank you very much for blessing me with a Alkitab Bahasa [Bible]. As you know it’s hard for me to get a Bible. I promise to read God’s Word daily and be ready to share the Gospel.”


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