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To help extended families recover from the effects of terrorism, Fulani conflict and persecution, Voice of the Martyrs, along with our supporters, helps fund a crisis care home for children in Jos, Nigeria.

The goal of the home is to support families by caring for and educating their children until the children can eventually return home.

Fulani attacks in Christian villages of neighbouring southern Kaduna State have increased in intensity through 2020. The crisis care team received constant pleas for help. In August, staff originating from some of those villages used their networks to bring 46 orphaned and displaced children from the region to the crisis care home, bringing the total to 204 children.

Additional caregivers were employed, new beds, clothes, and resources were purchased to care for them.

Some had bullet wounds from injuries in previous attacks. Most were traumatised. Almost all were malnourished and ill on arrival, some with hepatitis B and C, with care and treatment now ongoing. After an educational assessment, some sat for the Common Entrance to Secondary School public exam in October, but none of the new children passed. Most have been out of school for some time because of attacks and subsequent poverty. All are in focused literacy and numeracy classes to prepare for the new school year in January.

Extended family normally provides the cultural safety net when tragedies occur. However, attacks have victimised whole communities, destroying resources that would normally be used to care for the orphaned children. With whole communities displaced, livelihoods, personal and community property (schools, churches, marketplaces,) destroyed, extended families are struggling to help their children. The orphaned children and their extended families benefit from the care provided by the crisis care home.

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