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An estimated 27 million Christians live in India, making up 2.2% of the population. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Hindu nationalist organisation has seen a 20% increase in membership and an emboldened base aimed at further cementing India’s Hindu identity.

RSS informants live in nearly every village and report on the activities of Christians, resulting in attacks and arrests. Although Prime Minister Modi has publicly said his government will not tolerate religious discrimination, his actions prove otherwise.

Christians who attempt to access water from nearby Hindu villages are often harassed (threatened with violence and/or forced conversion) and sometimes denied access to the well even after walking several hours. Often the villagers are forced to access water for drinking, cooking and washing from stagnant pools, this carries a risk of disease.

VOM Australia, with the help of our supporters, will supply clean drinking water to 10 villages in the Kandhamal district, Odisha by providing 10 deep wells.

Four deep wells have already been completed and inauguration works have been finished for a further four.
Our partner in India reports:

“It is amazing to see that not only are the persecuted believers happy but that the surrounding villagers are also being blessed by access to the completed wells. Thank you again for funding the completion of these wells.”