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Voice of the Martyrs, together with our supporters, helps fund a discipleship care and training project in Jos, Nigeria.

The project, managed by a VOM mission partner, shelters new believers of northern Nigeria and surrounding regions from danger related to persecution, grounds them in their new faith in Christ and helps them start a new life, spiritually and practically.

This project operates as a safe house and is therefore ongoing. Disciples arrive throughout the year, brought by pastors or missionaries. Most come from a Muslim background and a few from a pagan background.

Most of them are young men, a few are older married men, and some are young women. Sometimes girls as young as 14, and sometimes even younger girls, who come with horrific stories, in urgent need of medical attention and much loving nurture. The younger girls are placed in the mission’s crisis care children’s home instead of the discipleship programme.

The disciples are provided with residential care, medical support, pastoral care and mentoring, foundational Bible training, literacy/numeracy skills, vocational skills, small business training and peacebuilding training.

Although, one or two disciples each year choose to leave (sometimes lured back to Islam with promises of houses, cars, and wives), by the end of the one-year training most of the disciples move back to their own community, if they feel sufficiently safe, or into other communities under the care of a sympathetic relative or a local pastor or missionary.

If they show competency in their vocational skill and prove trustworthy, the mission may help them obtain a microfinance loan to buy tools for their trade, to set up their own small business. Some attend secondary school after discipleship. Others stay to attend the mission’s Bible school, or return a few years later, and go on to become pastors and missionaries to their own communities.

They leave strong in their faith, equipped to make their way as part of the Christian community, uniquely positioned to share their faith with the Muslim Uma (community).

Discipleship care and training will continue in 2021. The 25 current disciples will be gradually joined by new disciples.

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