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Recently, with the help of our supporters, Voice of the Martyrs has been able to support the Hope & Love School in Malaysia.

The Christian school has been open for four years and currently supports over 120 ‘stateless’ students. Many of these students are from Muslim backgrounds. Being stateless leaves them without legal documents that would have given them rights, including access to education. Many orphans or abandoned children whose birth parents are unknown end up stateless even if they have been legally adopted by Malaysian parents. As do many children of mixed marriages, children born before a marriage was registered and indigenous children.

Our contact in Malaysia reports:
The funding we have received has allowed us to pay the school rent for six months. It will cover the salary for four teachers and meals for the students, many of whom are from poor families.

We share God’s love to our students every day and have been able to build good relationships with their parents. We have been invited to many houses to pray and share God’s love. Many families are open to the Gospel, some have already accepted the Lord.

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