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Persecution and violence against Christians in India has not faltered and continues to this day, especially against women.

Women and girls are denied justice and assistance, particularly widows who struggle to earn enough money for food for their families.

To meet the need, last year Voice of the Martyrs supplied a number of women with sewing machines to provide them a with source of income.

All of the women chosen to receive the sewing machines have been persecuted to varying degrees and live in conditions of extreme poverty.

These women are now able to work from home making garments. They then take the pieces to a local church, from there they are distributed for sale at markets and shops – giving each of them a sustainable income source. Each of the women have also started to teach and train younger women around them, using the sewing machines to reach out to others.

With this great result and training in place, more sewing machines are needed. We intend to provide additional machines this year.

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