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Every year, Voice of the Martyrs supplies funds for the purchase and distribution of motorbikes for frontline workers.

These church planters, pastors and evangelists are active both in spreading the Gospel and nurturing persecuted Christians in remote tribal areas. Several of them have also been the victims of persecution.

Darma is a Muslim background believer in Indonesia who has a longing to evangelise. This desire started after he read Matthew 28:19-20 for the first time

“It is the Great Commission that we must carry out. I have kept these verses in my heart, since I started my ministry to preach the Gospel to unbelievers, especially to Muslims. I really want everyone to be saved and for the Kingdom of Heaven to be expanded here on Earth.”

Darna is no stranger to persecution, he discovered Christ for himself while studying at an Islamic boarding school. He started to share with his fellow students that salvation can only be found through Isa al-Masih (Jesus Christ). As a result, he was not only forced to leave the school but was disowned by his parents for being an ‘infidel’.

Remarkably, Darna was not discouraged, “I made all these bad things to be my motivation. In fact, because of these difficulties, my faith in Jesus Christ is stronger. I believe that if we serve God faithfully, surely God will always be with us and protect us… No one will stop us or harm us.”

Darna is involved in evangelism and discipleship activities. He is currently ministering to two groups of believers; one group is of adults (some older than himself) and the other is a group of young people. Darna has been using public transport or hitchhiking to visit each of these groups several times a month; it is costly, time-consuming and potentially dangerous. “I prayed to the Lord to ask that I could have a motorbike. Praise the Lord, in March this year, He answered my prayer. Thank you VOM Australia. With this motorbike, I can easily visit the people whom I preach to, and my ministry will become more efficient. God bless Amen.”

To bless a pastor or evangelist in a restricted nation, with the tools they need for their ministry, please support our Front Line Ministry fund