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Matius’s main ministry in Indonesia is to share the message of Jesus with as many people as possible and disciple them in the faith while also maintaining his cover as a Muslim man.

He shares Jesus using the Koran throughout Islam-dominated Indonesia and disciples other believers to do the same. Presenting Jesus using the Koran is a very effective method of introducing Muslims to Christ.

Matius oversees cell groups in 34 locations, with most groups located in West and Central Java. Many Muslims convert to Christianity through Matius’s ministry. Throughout May and June alone, 26 people accepted Christ. Over the years he and his team have been in ministry, thousands of people have become believers.

Matius and his team face growing pressure from the many radical Muslims in the country.

The team memorise Bible verses. They never bring a hard copy so they can’t be caught if anyone tries to report them. Matius also teaches in an Islamic university, where he shares Jesus with his Muslim students in small groups.

Voice of the Martyrs, with the help of our supporters, funds Matius’s ministry, allowing him to purchase the tools he needs and support his family.

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