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In 2018, VOM Australia is sending funds to Voice of the Martyrs Korea’s Underground Technology (UT) school.

Every year, more than 1,000 North Koreans defect into South Korea. Some of these defectors bring with them a burning desire to know God. Voice of the Martyrs Korea’s Underground Technology (UT) school was created to help these defectors. Through classroom education, field trips, one to one discipleship, visitation and volunteering, this training helps North Korean Christian defectors address both learning and cultural gaps and address the significant insecurity issues defectors experience.

God is truly moving among the UT students, and we would like to share one of their stories with you.

It all started with a simple e-mail.

“There are some sex-trafficked North Korean women here who want to learn more about the Bible,” a partner in China told us. “Would you mind coming out to teach them?” When we arrived at the appointed place, we found four women waiting for us. One of these women, named CR, was especially passionate about the discipleship process. She asked many questions and, with great delight, received one of our North Korean dialect Bibles. Our farewell was mixed with a twinge of sadness as we were unsure of whether we would ever see CR again.

Imagine our surprise, then, when, years later, CR showed up at our office in South Korea!

With great excitement, CR showed us the very same Bible we had given her. At the top-secret resettlement facility defectors must pass through before entering Korea, she had searched desperately for us—describing several of the VOMK’s North Korean Underground University missionary training students who had visited her in vivid detail and displaying the Bible we had given her—and was finally given our contact information.

Despite the government assigning her to a house, five hours away from the VOMK office, CR wanted to begin our UT school. She wanted to become a stronger Christian. She wanted to learn more about the God who had lead her safely from North Korea and into South Korea.

Four new students enrolled in our UT class this semester. Please pray for each and every one of the students.