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Earlier this year, Voice of the Martyrs workers in Malaysia contacted us asking for emergency funds to buy food packs to feed families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 restrictions meant, as it has in many countries, economic downturn and widespread job losses.

The workers had been contacted by both Christian and non-Christian villagers asking for urgent help.

They reported:

We saw this as a good opportunity to help non-Christians, along with Christians living in the same communities. We wanted to show the non-Christians that Christianity is about love, forgiveness and sharing.

Many of the families that received the food packs had already run out of food. Some had been eating only papaya and tapioca leaves. Many of them cried when they received the food.

We had asked for enough money to provide food for 170 families but were able to help 270 families. We were given a big discount from the wholesaler when we told them that the food would help families that been affected by the pandemic.

We were also given permission, during the lockdown, to move freely due to our charity work.

We were able to share about the goodness of the Lord with the many Muslims who received food.

Our hope is that they will be touched by God’s love and their perspective of Christians will change.

We believe we experienced a miracle. Like Jesus feeding the 5,000 with two fish and five loaves of bread, we were able to distribute food to many more families than we thought possible.

Thank you very much VOM for being a great blessing.

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