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Recently, with the help of our supporters, Voice of the Martyrs was able to provide a motorbike for Sam, a frontline worker in Indonesia.

Every Sunday at 10am, Sam and his church members gather for a Sunday meeting.  In addition, Sam leads a cell group of 25 members, around 15km from his home.  Sam also travels up to 20kms, three times a week to share the Good News in other areas. A motorbike is useful to Sam in his ministry.

Sam has seen God work in miraculous ways, through his ministry.

In 2004, there was a Muslim man whose wife was mentally ill. The man was prompted to visit a Christian man and ask for prayer. That Christian man was Sam. Sam told the couple he would visit their home and pray for the wife every second day. For each visit, Sam walked approximately three kilometres to their home. Sam diligently prayed for the woman.

The man, a mosque activist, had a vision and heard a voice promising to heal his wife. The next day his wife was healed and he visited Sam’s house. He saw a picture of Jesus on the wall, telling Sam that it was Jesus he had seen in the vision. The man converted to Christianity and opened his home as a mission post for Sam’s church.

In 2016, the congregation planned to build a church. After two weeks of prayer, a donor gave Sam enough money for the building. Unfortunately, after the building was finished, an influential person in the village forbade them to use it.

Soon after, there was a village head election and the man who had forbade Sam’s congregation to use their own church building was one of the candidates. That man won the election. After he was inaugurated, the man held a party at his home. Sam and his wife attended, along with many others.

When it was getting late Sam approached the village head to ask permission to leave. The village head took Sam to his room and asked him for prayer. Sam was surprised. Soon after, Sam held a Christian meeting at his home and the village head, along with his family, attended. After the meeting, the village head stood up and said that the church building could now be used.

Today, Sam is pastoring 33 members, most of which are Muslim background believers.

Please pray for Sam’s ministry as it continues to grow.

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