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Sri travels up to three hours from Jambi City in Indonesia to many of his mission villages where he ministers to established congregations and shares the Gospel from door to door.

Last year, VOM Australia stepped in to provide Sri with a motorbike to make his journey a little easier.

Mission areas in Jelompok Bukit Dua Belas and Pematang Kabau are about five hours from Jambi City and about one hour from Sri’s home. The evangelist has been planting two cell groups there and travelling across cities and villages.

He also leads a number of congregations including 16 people on the island of Lintang, and four families on the island of Bernai

Every day Sri goes outside to preach Jesus for about three hours.

Sometimes it can take about 2.5 hours for him to reach the next village but a motorbike will now help him on his way.

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