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Travelling by motorcycle is the most economical and effective transportation for pastors to grow their ministries in many parts of the world.

Countless pastors across Vietnam are in charge of a number of different churches and need to travel long distances, often on muddy roads to visit, teach, provide resources and even transport for sick people in remote areas.

Last year VOM Australia, with the help of our supporters, provided the funds for 10 motorcycles for pastors in Vietnam. At this stage only four have been given but the project will continue in 2019. Each pastor was profoundly blessed by this provision.

One pastor from the Central Highlands said:

“I praise God for knowing my need and using the supporters to help me to buy a new motorbike. In the last three months since I had a new bike, I had the chance to travel and gather three groups of up to 50 people. This bike means I’m able to continue to do His work and plant more churches in the further areas.”

Pastors ministering in Vietnam face many struggles but providing a good motorbike is a way to encourage them in their work. These funds will provide another six motorcycles for pastors in 2019.

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