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Aye Nan was fifteen when her father, U Aih Cum, was killed for his faith after a house church meeting in Myanmar. U Aih Cum was passionate about reaching others with the true Gospel message.

His feet and hands were removed, he was stabbed and cut multiple times in a vicious attack.

Aye Nan, the eldest of five children, left school in order to support her mother and four siblings.

She lives and works as a servant girl in a wealthy man’s house where she is emotionally abused. She has not seen her mother for twelve months.

Voice of the Martyrs, with the help of our supporters, is able to free her from this abuse and return her to her mother and family.

We have committed to build the family a new home (to replace the tin shack they are currently in), provide them with clean water (via a water filter), provide them with chickens, goats, vegetable seeds and a sewing machine to help them provide for themselves.

Please pray for this dear family who have suffered much.

Update 10 October 2018
Aye Nan, her mother and siblings, have now moved into their new home. Aye Nan’s mother is overwhelmed with the support the family has received.