Project: Myanmar – Daw Cherry Update

Daw Cherry, her husband U Zaw Aung and their two small children lived in a small village in Kachin State North Myanmar. As Christians Daw Cherry and U Zaw Aung ran Bible study group meetings and witnessed to the surrounding Buddhist community, winning people to Christ. There were Buddhist locals who didn’t like what they were doing and in November 2016 they kidnapped U Zaw Aung. He was taken to a remote location in the bush and killed.

Following her husband’s death, Daw had to go to China in order to find work to support herself and her two children. Unable to take her children with her, Daw left her daughter, aged two, in the care of an aunt. Her son, aged five, was left in the care of an orphanage in Lashio. The difficulty of separation created further heartache and sorrow for Daw.

Voice of the Martyrs, with the help of our supporters, has committed to re-unite Daw’s family. We will build the family a home, supply them with clean water (via a water filter) and provide them with chickens, goats, vegetable seeds and a sewing machine, so that they can be self-sufficient for the long term.


Daw Cherry has now returned from China, where she went to work following her husband’s murder. She is thrilled to be re-united with her children.

Voice of the Martyrs has funded the building of a new home for Daw Chery and she is very very very happy!! While building is taking place, Daw is staying with her local pastor, where a room has been provided. They will be surrounded by church friends and family who love them.

We are so grateful to all who are standing with us in this precious work.

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