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In Nigeria, thousands of Muslim background believers (MBBs), flee persecution every year. Many of these arrive at a Voice of the Martyrs supported discipleship centre in Jos.

The centre provides a range of services, including accommodation, Bible training and pastoral care. For those who need it, literacy, numeracy and vocational training are also available. The centre also provides microfinance for those who already possess the necessary skills and/or qualifications to start a business.

VOM continues to partner with the centre. Last year, together with our supporters, VOM provided funds to repair the damages from an accidental fire. The fire impacted student accommodation and, until rectified, prevented the centre from taking on new believers.

There is much need in northern Nigeria. The discipleship centre provides the support that enables many MBBs to step into all that God has for them. Among the graduates are evangelists, disciples and pastors, sharing God’s love in an often-hostile environment.

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