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Pakistani churches include believers from diverse faith backgrounds and a variety of denominations.

All Pakistani Christians face difficulties, discrimination and persecution because of their Christian identity. Most Christians are treated as second-class citizens and are trapped in a cycle of poor education and poverty. Christians in Pakistan often borrow money from brick kiln owners.


They are then required to work, making bricks, to repay the loan. The size of the loan tends to be small, but the terms are designed to keep it growing indefinitely.

The family, including children as young as five, are forced to work at the brick kiln to pay the debt. These children spend 10 hours a day making bricks, instead of going to school.

“VOM-supported ministry partners are helping to break the intergenerational cycle of bonded labour and abuse by supporting families, children and youth in Pakistan with education, vocational training, and medical care”.

Please pray for our ministry partners who are bringing hope to those suffering severe persecution and poverty in Pakistan.


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