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In February we brought you the story of Ruth, a 53-year-old pastor in Indonesia whose father’s attempt to poison her ─ due to her conversion to Christianity ─ led to his own conversion.

Sometime after her father’s conversion Ruth went into West Papua and ministered to seven tribal groups. One village chief wanted to know if a servant of God would survive if they were given poison.

Ruth ate the poisoned food and although she did not die, she now suffers from permanent kidney damage. She must undergo haemodialysis treatment twice a week at a local hospital and have up to two injections a week.

This amazing woman of God continues to share God’s Word and shepherd believers in the church she has built.

VOM Australia, with the help of our supporters, has raised enough money to pay for Ruth’s weekly haemodialysis and injections for an initial 12 months, with the intent to continue this support into the future.

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