Malaysia has three major ethnicities: Malay (60%), Chinese (30%) and native tribes. The Malays are the most powerful group in the country and being Muslim is an important part of their identity.

While Christianity is not illegal, it is illegal for Malays to convert to Christianity. Christian converts who are caught are confined to “re-education camps” that use brainwashing techniques, torture and propaganda to force them to return to Islam.

Linda, a Malay woman with two daughters came to know the Lord last year. When her family discovered she had converted from Islam to Christianity they lodged a report with the government’s religious department and disowned her.

Thankfully, Linda was able to take her two daughters and stay at a safe house, funded by Voice of the Martyrs Australia. The safe house provides accommodation, along with other needs, for Muslim background believers (MBB’s) fleeing persecution. Last year, VOM with the help of our supporters provided financial assistance, and recently received an update, including Linda’s story.

Our contact told us that most MBB’s come to know of the safe house from people who have been helped in the past or from trusted ministry partners.

He said that every week, there is time of prayer, praise, worship and sharing of God’s Word. He believes that this fellowship helps many MBB’s to overcome the fear that is often coupled with persecution and aids in their spiritual growth.

MBB’s can stay at the safe house as long as they need to. When they are in a position to leave, they continue to receive prayer and financial support where needed.

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