Project: Sending God’s Word into North Korea by Balloon

In 2018, Voice of the Martyrs Australia is partnering with VOM Korea in a project to launch 37,500 North Korean dialect Bibles (direct text and study notes of explanation from 46 different Bible stories) via high-altitude balloons from South Korea into North Korea. Our goal is to also launch 1,600 USB devices preloaded with the full North Korean Scriptures and helpful commentary, via balloon, and 13,600 orange sea balloons via the West Sea and Tumen River. The orange balloons present Genesis 1-11 on the front and back.

Below is an update, recently received from VOM Korea, on the project so far.

Generally, Balloon launching season runs from May to October. In addition to preparing for the balloon season, we’ve done two sea launches and sent 12,000 orange balloons into North Korea. We recently received our first shipment of balloons and our balloon technician recently visited the facility to ensure that everything was in order for the coming seasons. He also built the “Sky hook” a piece of technology which he created the year before which allows us to drop the Bibles from the balloons at any time.

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