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In 2019, with the help of our supporters, Voice of the Martyrs is providing support for five pastors in Brunei, a country where Christian evangelism is prohibited.

Currently, there are only 20 legally registered churches and no new church buildings are allowed. House churches are becoming the most effective way for Christians to meet and worship.

Our contact in Brunei reports:

With all the challenges they face, these pastors continue to serve the Lord faithfully. They are each very active in doing the work of God. A lot of their work is in witnessing to and discipling tribal people at long houses in Brunei. They also distribute Bibles all over Brunei and at the border of Malaysia.

Since the pastors are very active in evangelism they have been persecuted by their own people. In Brunei you are not allowed to evangelise. You can be arrested. Many evangelists have been arrested. Some of them have been detained in prison and/or given a stern warning.

The pastors’ goal, along with sharing the Gospel all over Brunei, is to establish more house churches.

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