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Almost all Sundanese people in Indonesia are Muslim. In many areas, Islam is mixed with Sundanese traditional customs.

Voice of the Martyrs, together with our supporters is currently aiding a team that ministers to the Sudanese people.

Their ministry includes:
Daily intercession prayer for the Sundanese, evangelism, discipleship, baptism, church planting, pastoring home cell groups, leadership training, evangelism training, counselling and ministry to people in VOM supported safe houses.

One of the team testifies:
Recently, God led me to meet a Sundanese Muslim man who longed to know more about Isa Almasih (Jesus). His name is Budi. He was once a youth leader of a radical Muslim organisation, where he was given the task to find the weaknesses in the Bible. The aim was to attack Christianity and prevent young Muslims from the ‘bad influences’ of Christianity. Budi read the Bible with the motivation to look for weaknesses and contradictions in order to attack Christianity. Whilst reading he experienced anxiety and felt that something was wrong.

Budi decided to study the Scriptures with the motivation to know the truth of the Scriptures. He received new understanding and felt something happened in his heart. His heart and his mind opened with the Word of God and he began to experience transformation. His beliefs about Christianity changed. The Word of God now lives in his heart.

Budi’s understanding of Christians changed. In the past, he thought that Christians tried to Christianise others. He now understands that sharing the Gospel is the manifestation of Christ’s love to others.

He has faced many challenges because of his conversion. He was fired from his job and rejected by his community. His wife had planned to divorce him but through the ministry of our group she is now also a believer.

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