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Thanks to our Australian supporters, Voice of the Martyrs is financially supporting an outreach centre in Turkey

Which is ministering to refugees who have fled violence and persecution from various parts of the Middle East including Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan. Life for refugees in Turkey is a challenge, there is a lack of employment opportunities, housing and medical care.


Those who do find work are frequently taken advantage of, they may be paid only a third of the going rate and sometimes, are not paid at all.

Our partners are providing care, love and practical assistance to Christian refugee families who have fled violence and oppression. They offer funding for much-needed medical costs, daily necessities for those who are out of work (including loss of jobs during COVID-related restrictions) and provide opportunities for prayer, church gatherings and discipleship.

In addition to caring for vulnerable Christian refugees, our partners are advancing God’s kingdom through outreach and evangelism, to those who do not yet know the Lord. Sharing Christ’s love is a powerful witness, and it open hearts and minds to the Gospel message.

During a distribution of food and clothing packs, one Afghan lady said,

“I didn’t even have a bottle of oil at home and I was feeling desperate. I didn’t know how I was going to feed my kids. Your food pack helped us a lot. Thank you!” Another Afghan family said, “These gifts are from God”.

A Kurdish Iranian family almost lost their 15-year-old son when he attempted to commit suicide. He suffers from deafness and the family could not afford a hearing aid. When one of the ministry’s pastors offered to provide funding, the family cried with joy and gratitude. Since then, they have been regularly attending online church meetings and prayer meetings. All four members of the family have now accepted Jesus as their Saviour.


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