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In 2018 Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) Australia is helping to fund projects initiated by Voice of the Martyrs Korea to connect with the North Korean underground church.

In February workers from VOM visited a top-secret refugee resettlement centre which all North Korean defectors must pass through on their way into South Korea. Defectors stay there a minimum of three months, during which time they are questioned and prepared for life in South Korea. Pastor Foley (from VOM Korea) conducted a worship service and met a defector who had seen our Bibles in North Korea.

Before defecting to South Korea, the young man, in the North Korean military, was a border guard along the river. A middle-aged North Korean woman came across the river on a raft made of inflatable inner tubes. She had a box that was labelled DVDs, but when he searched it he found six Bibles concealed on the bottom. When he saw these, he froze as if dead. He said all NK border guards are told, “If you see the Bible, you are dead,” which he understood to mean that if an NK soldier ever reported having seen a Bible, he himself would be heavily interrogated and watched. In his panic he told the woman, “Never mention this in your life, and I will never mention it in my life,” and he let her in to North Korea with the Bibles.

This is a good reminder that God has His ways of moving hearts and arranging for Bibles to enter into North Korea.

Without this project, Pastor Foley would be unable to meet people like this defector!

So far in 2018, as part of this project, VOM Korea has distributed many North Korean full study Bibles to North Korean defectors and also to organisations working with North Koreans in South Korea.