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Pastor Do En Pum resides in a town near Mandalay, in Myanmar. The church he leads currently has about thirty members.

As a result of opposition to his Christian ministry, Pastor Do has had his motorbike destroyed by local Buddhists and the electricity to his church has been disconnected.

Abuse and rock throwing targeting the pastor, his family and the church occurs frequently.

Last December, Pastor Do’s son, Kham Lian aged 26, was ambushed on his way to a carols event. He was badly bashed, stabbed with a knife several times and left to die. He was taken to Mandalay Hospital Clinic for medical treatment, and by the grace of God he survived. He continues to suffer with pain in the bone between his eye and ear.

Voice of the Martyrs, with the help of our supporters, has committed to support and encourage Pastor Do and his family. We will supply Pastor Do with a motorbike for use in his ministry and monthly financial support. We will also supply the family, and wider Christian community, with a water filter. We will ensure that Kham Lian has a thorough medical check by a Christian practioner.

Please pray for Pastor Do, Kham Lian and their family as they continue to minister to their community, despite constant opposition.


Update: November 2018

This is Pastor Do’s church. The electricity is solar powered and supplied by VOM Australia. The community has taken delivery of their new water filter and Pastor Do has received his new motor bike. Pastor Do, his family and church members are very grateful to God for the help received from VOM and our supporters. Persecution is real in Myanmar. Please keep our brothers and sisters in prayer.