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Thanks to the generous support of people like you VOM Australia is able to complete an average of 155 projects each year. We would like to extend our thanks to you on behalf of staff and volunteers at VOM and the persecuted church which we serve.

We are committed to providing high standards of accountability to our donors via our annual ‘Impact Report’ and regular project updates. There are some project updates that we keep confidential, due to security and safety concerns, but we post what we can.

Bibles in Iran

Bibles are highly restricted in Iran. It is illegal to import them and illegal to have Bibles printed in the country. Since they are so difficult to obtain, Bibles are treasured by Iranian believers. VOM is actively involved in distributing God’s Word to believers...

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From our CEO: March 2020

Dear Friends, Global news is filled with media coverage of Iran. Current events in Iran have highlighted the ongoing struggle between a self-serving regime and those who seek liberty. Those who oppose the current system are being dealt with harshly; many have been...

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Project: Big Letter Bibles in Mongolia

In 2019, Voice of the Martyrs Australia funded the printing and distribution of 4,200 copies of large print Bibles to Mongolia and China. Voice of the Martyrs support workers visited the distribution areas and saw the peaceful distribution of the Bibles without any...

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A Family Pays for a Father’s Apostasy

When Ramzi converted to Christianity from Islam about eight years ago, the persecution he faced in his Middle Eastern country started out small. Muslims would call him names, including ‘infidel’ and he received frequent threats. Then, as the former sheikh began boldly...

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A Stolen Future

Weeks before his wife’s death, James had a casual discussion with her about whether either of them would remarry if the other died. James told her he wanted to die first so their two daughters would have a mother to care for them, and his wife, Mary, teased him by...

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Not Forgotten: Susan in Uganda

Susan Ithungu accepted Christ as a young girl in 2009. When her Muslim father found out, he beat and threatened her in unsuccessful attempts to force her to deny Christ. He then locked her in a small space in their mud shanty. She was rescued after six months, having...

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Not Forgotten: Jonah in Pakistan

As a young man, Jonah’s search for God led him to a jihadi training camp where he was taught how to kill. As he continued his search and studies, he eventually found a Bible and miraculously placed his faith in Christ, later leading his uncle and several other family...

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Project: Kids in Turkey

There are very few Christian youth in Turkey and many of them can feel discouraged and isolated while some are even bullied for their faith in Christ. With financial support from Voice of the Martyrs Australia, Kids in Turkey helped address this area of need and for...

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Project: Children’s Crisis Care

Last year, Voice of the Martyrs, together with our supporters, helped support a children’s crisis care centre in Nigeria. The centre provides loving, Christ centred residential care, good quality education and medical treatment for child victims of persecution. The...

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