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Thanks to the generous support of people like you VOM Australia is able to complete an average of 155 projects each year. We would like to extend our thanks to you on behalf of staff and volunteers at VOM and the persecuted church which we serve.

We are committed to providing high standards of accountability to our donors via our annual ‘Impact Report’ and regular project updates. There are some project updates that we keep confidential, due to security and safety concerns, but we post what we can.

Project: Malaysia COVID Relief

Earlier this year, Voice of the Martyrs workers in Malaysia contacted us asking for emergency funds to buy food packs to feed families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 restrictions meant, as it has in many countries, economic downturn and widespread job...

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The Children of Mindanao

The children at a VOM-supported home in Mindanao, Philippines, all have one thing in common. They were brought there by local pastors, working in areas where Christians are most at risk. In the Muslim-majority region of Mindanao, Muslim groups and the government have...

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Egypt: Christ Revealed through Genuine Love

Farrin, 16, was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to a Muslim father and a Christian mother. His mother Nenet, had left Islam for Christianity before Farrin was born. As a devoted believer living in a restricted nation, she has endured much opposition because of her faith....

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Christian Children in Pakistan

There is nationwide, systemic persecution of Christians in Pakistan, and children are not excluded. They face social exclusion, lack of education, homelessness, forced labour, abduction, forced conversion, forced marriage, abuse and the loss of their parents. In one...

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Malaysia: Siblings find Hope in the Midst of Grief

Born into a Malay Muslim family, Reehab, 10, Nazra, 8 and Nayla, 6, were instilled with Islamic values and teachings. Their parents and extended family, being strong in their faith, were highly regarded and influential in their community. Three years ago the...

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Project: Aid for Brick Kiln Workers in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, COVID-19 restrictions combined with monsoon season, left brick kiln workers, along with other day workers, with no work and therefore no pay for months. As a result of the pandemic, Pakistan went into lockdown from March to May with some ongoing...

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Project: Bibles Plus Pakistan

Earlier this year, Bibles Plus packs were distributed to Christians in Pakistan. Christians in Pakistan are often extremely poor daily wage earners. Due to systemic discrimination, many are illiterate, and most are employed in menial jobs. They earn little money and...

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Iran: Open Hearts

Some of the people who help distribute Bibles in Iran are taxi or Uber drivers. Just a few weeks ago one of these drivers picked up a husband and wife who happened to both work at a local hospital. While in the backseat, they were complaining about how bad the...

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Turkey: Youth Activities

A VOM supported youth program in Turkey has had to adjust its delivery due to COVID-19. The program spiritually equips youth to remain faithful followers of Jesus through their teenage years by: Encouraging them to be active in attending and serving in a local church...

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