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Tran found Christ when his daughter was miraculously healed. After his conversion, he immediately began serving the Lord wholeheartedly, assisting with church planting, sharing the Gospel and baptising people.

When his parents discovered he was a Christian, they kicked him and his family out of their home, threatening and cursing them. The family were left homeless for two years before moving into a very small home with Tran’s parents-in-law.

This year, the local church community rallied to build Tran and his family their own home on a small patch of land. The project was funded by Voice of the Martyrs Australia.

Tran and his family were overjoyed.

“I’m deeply thankful to the Lord for His love, mercy and kindness in our lives. We can’t believe that we have a house now to live. God is so good to us. He took care of us when we were homeless for years. The new house is a testimony of God’s goodness to us, to our church and to those who are suffering from persecution.”

*names have been changed

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