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Recently, with the help of our supporters, VOM Australia sent 18 water filters to persecuted Christians in India.

Christian villagers who attempt to access water from Hindu villages are often harassed (threatened with violence and/or forced conversion) and sometimes denied access to the village well even after walking several hours. Often the villagers are forced to access water from stagnant pools, this carries a risk of disease.

Our distribution contact in India reports:

Lots of poor tribal believers in Odisha, mostly young children and older adults, die from water borne diseases.

VOM Australia supplied 18 Life Straw water filters. These water filters have been delivered throughout Odisha so that persecuted families now have clean water to drink.

The recipients were really excited at the possibility of having clean water and are now happily using the water filters, resulting in an immediate reduction in illnesses.

We thank the Lord for providing clean water through VOM Australia