This year, with the help of our supporters, Voice of the Martyrs Australia helped fund  youth camps in Sabah, Malaysia.

VOM’s ministry partners conducted four camps in various locations across Sabah, with approximately 50 young people attending each camp. The camps are an opportunity to reach out to youth with the love of Christ through sharing the Word, praise and worship, ministry and fellowship. The faith of many existing believers is strengthened and others begin a new life in Christ.

The children come from mixed backgrounds, some of their parents are Christian and others are Muslim. Many have experienced persecution at school, with some being persecuted by their own families. The camps give these young people a safe place to share their experiences and feelings.

Through the camps young people are encouraged to go on to attend the Disciple Mission School, after their formal schooling, to continue to grow in the Lord and be equipped in evangelism.

VOM assists in supporting the Disciple Mission School which currently has around 20 students enrolled.

Our ministry partners intend to run the camps again next year, with the hope that close to 1000 young people will attend.

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