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Total expenses for Projects Hindu World = $115,546

Making an impact in the lives of persecuted believers in restricted nations is first and foremost in our minds, to provide with your partnership, the tools to equip them for ministry.

Owing to the sensitivity of our ministry we have provided some examples of completed projects which can be published. We pray you will be encouraged as you read of the projects that, with your help, have been successful and benefited those we serve.

Project: Deep wells for persecuted believers
Country: India
Project Description: Provide funding for the digging of deep wells in Christian communities where Hindu radicals deny Christians from accessing communal water supplies. When Christian communities have their own well, they respond to their Hindu neighbours by allowing them to freely draw water from their well.

Project: To build and reconstruct church buildings for persecuted believers
Country: India
Project Description: To provide funding for reconstruction of two existing church buildings damaged by Hindu radicals and to build four new churches in safer districts for persecuted Christians.

“You have given gifts for more than 220 of our Hindu children and through the small gifts we felt the love of the Christian people. We are not worthy to receive such gifts but you have loved us with Jesus’ love and counted us as precious, loving even your enemies and showing true love to us and our people and children.” Village President, Banda