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Total expenses for Projects Muslim World = $531,465

Making an impact in the lives of persecuted believers in restricted nations is first and foremost in our minds, to provide with your partnership, the tools to equip them for ministry.

Owing to the sensitivity of our ministry we have provided some examples of completed projects which can be published. We pray you will be encouraged as you read of the projects that, with your help, have been successful and benefited those we serve.

Project: Easter crisis of church bombings
Country: Egypt
Project Description: To provide spiritual and financial support for the victims and families of the Palm Sunday bombings, including medical treatment, trauma counselling and practical assistance.

Project: Support for Sundanese mnistries
Country: Indonesia
Project Description: Support a Christian kindergarten to act as a Gospel outreach to the families of the Sundanese community.
Though there has been persecuted related incidents these stand firm in Christ.

Project: Discipleship centre dormitory/hostel
Country: Nigeria
Project Description: To help fund the building of a permanent safe house for Muslim background believers (MBB’s) to care for them, train them in God’s Word and provide them with vocational skills so they will be able to provide
for themselves.

Project: To provide support for Bible
college students
Country: Philippines
Project Description: To provide sponsorship for students to attend Bible college.
Students are selected because of their desire to serve God despite the poverty of their personal situation.
The project is designed to give poor students the opportunity to graduate and then go into the field.

Project: To provide support for Christian orphans
Country: Indonesia
Project Description: To provide school fees for 58 Christian orphans whose parents had been killed by Muslim fundamentalists in North and South Maluku and Poso.

Project: To fund the printing of Gospel booklets
Country: Nigeria
Project Description: The People of God booklets in the Hausa language introduce the Gospel to Muslims’ sensitively. There is enormous interest from Muslims in the aftermath of Boko Haram conflicts.

Taken to the jungle to be shot!
“They pulled my hands behind my back, they tightened the ropes and tears began to flow down my cheeks. As they led me away into the jungle, I thought this was going to be my last day on earth. ‘If we are to kill him, we need to do it quickly before the military comes.’” – Pastor Victor, Philippines.